Organized Gaming Community inspired by the Roman Republic. Why serve when you could rule in the Imperium.
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Joining The Imperium is simple--create a forum account and fill out the application via the 'register' tab at the top of the page. Once registered, please visit the Joining Imperium section of our forums for detailed information regarding Imperium, our code of conduct, and the game charter you are applying to join. Once accepted apply in game and join us on Team Speak.

.: I M P E R I U M :.
Why serve when you could rule?

An organized gaming Community inspired by the Roman Republic.

.: Mission :.
To build a gaming community with dynamic representative leadership (Senators). This leadership will change periodically and all ranks would be attainable by all players. Senators (Officers) within each gaming charter control the clan structure and rank progression, plebeians (Members) control in-game direction and are the military and social core of the clan.

.: Inspiration :.
This clan draws inspiration from the ancient Roman Republic in which governing power was divided between the Senate and the Assembles. The Senate was an advisory body and the Assembles are where laws were enacted. In ancient Rome a civilian military was initially led by the Consuls. But as the Republic conquered more lands it was necessary to have the office of Imperator (Dictator). In times of desperate need the Imperator would take absolute control over the Republic. The Senate was where the Imperator was declared and given Imperium.

.: Structure :.
All members of our forums are citizens of the Imperium and part of the global Assembly where much of the larger community direction is determined (including the foundation of new gaming charters). Leadership roles within each of individual game charter of Imperium are determined by a given player’s ability to gain and maintain popularity as a leader. Community founders, including those who begin new gaming charters, compete for all positions in the clan as an equal with the other members.

Individual gaming charters voted in by the global Assembly have license to form a clan representing the Imperium Gaming community in that game. Each game's membership is responsible for managing it's own structure and diplomacy within that game provided that they follow the Imperium Code of Conduct and below rank structure that allows for representative leadership.

Leadership of a game charter may take one of two forms: A representative Senate or an Imperator (elected dictator). All new gaming charters begin with the Senate structure and as they begin governing themselves, can elect to move to the Imperator system.

.: Senators and the Imperator :.
Officers with the rank of Senator control the structure and diplomacy of each game charter's clan. Each Senator represents a Tribe or family within the Imperium and must maintain a minimum number of followers in order to maintain his leadership position. Members who have ranked up through their Tribe to the highest non-Senate position may petition to form a new Tribe. As a republic, each Senator has a vote in the direction of the clan and elects it's own leadership from within the Senatorial rank.

Each game charter's Senate will elect and empower members within and outside of that Senate to take responsibility for specific functions. Each game has it's own ability to define what these roles will be to support that game's clan. The tradition is to have a Consul, or leader of the Senate, and a Praetor who serves as a judicial officer appointed to a 1 or 2-month term.

As an alternative, a game charter can choose to elect an Imperator, or supreme Dictator, of that game's clan. An Imperator is a temporary position subject to reaffirmation on a regular basis by that game's membership. An Imperator may come to power by a vote of that game's full Assembly (entire membership) or by vote of the Senate. An Imperator may also be disposed through a vote of the Assembly and either another Imperator chosen to replace him or a reinstatement of the powers of the Senate.

.: Tribes Explained :.
Citizens of the Roman Republic were organized into Tribes and the Tribal Assembly formed the democratic assembly of Roman citizens. In the Imperium, our Tribes are the basis for how our members become represented by a Senator. In order to form a new Tribe, a Tribe founder needs to think about what he has to offer, put it together in a proposal, and have the support of enough members within that gaming charter willing to join his Tribe. If he doesn't have the commitment to make this happen, then he likely won't have the commitment to represent others well in the Senate.

The advantage of this system is that each member gets an equal vote and equal representation in the Senate. In addition, responsibility can be administered down to a specific Senator for a specific member. If an issue arises with a member, it's very clear which leader needs to be responsible for that member to resolve the issue. Likewise, if things need to be requisitioned for the clan, the task can be given to the Senators who then motivate their members to make the contributions.

If there is an existing Senate, a Right of Revocation exists and the Senate can vote to remove or prevent someone from attaining the rank of Senator in the interest clan stability. This is to be avoided if at all possible as it will likely lead to members(s) leaving that game's clan.

.: Common Rank Structure :.
Possible ranks within individual game charters:
    Image Senator - Leader of Tribe; Voting member of the Senate.
    Image Imperator - Supreme Dictator; an elected position in lieux of a Senate.
    Image Patrician - Tribe Officer. Traditionally, must be a Patrician before you can petition to become a Senator.
    Image Tribune of the Plebs (Members representative) – A member of the Senate elected to the position through the Assembly rather than the Tribe system (traditionally, one per charter).
    Image Plebian - Full Member.
    Image Auxilla - New/Casual member, no voting rights (Must Join a tribe to become a full member)

Ranks within the Imperium Gaming community
    Image Propraetor & Proconsul – Reserved for Community Founder(s) of Imperium Gaming.

.: Private & Public Forums :.
Imperium Gaming has hundreds of registered members. It's foreseeable and likely that members may leave a clan within an individual gaming charter and still want to continue to play with other Imperium Gaming members in other games. This is acceptable provided that the members continue to abide by our Code of Conduct. To ensure a clan's privacy from former clan members, each approved game charter has it's own Private forums only visible to those members of that game's clan. If you joined Imperium Gaming to play with a specific charter, please make sure that the leaders of that group have invited you to that forum group so you can see all of those forums. Please look at the recruitment section of that game for specifics about how to join that clan and it's specific structural details.

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